In the years since The Comic Art of War  was sent to press (in Autumn 2014), military cartooning has flourished on social media and paid-access, subscription, and crowdfunding sites, and digital access to library and museum archives has greatly expanded. Thus, the once somewhat-comprehensive appendix in the book quickly became outdated. This page serves as an addendum to the "guide to artists" and cartoons available in the text.

The original appendix is recreated with new and updated entries starred ().

Active URLS and available full-texts are hyperlinked.


The comicsography has also been expanded to include comics and animations done in consort with military personnel and veterans, through interviews, life writings, or embedded journalism. Some mainstream war comics created by military veterans have also been added.


The distinction made between comics and illustrations is sometimes ambiguous, but efforts  are made to focus on graphic narratives, even if they are single-panel stories - whether humorous or serious. The goal, as it was with The Comic Art of War, is to preserve and share these stories.

This page is perpetually under-construction and in-development. If you have suggestions or corrections to offer, please contact me.


Created: 21 November 2020

Last updated: 7 August 2022

row of soldiers, shown as boots and camouflage pant legs only


USA flag

Creator(s): Richard Allen

Country: USA

Era(s):World War II

Service: Y1c

Source(s): in Yank,

USA flag

Creator(s): Edith Allport

Country: USA

Era(s): World War II

Service: Cpl.

Source(s): in Yank,,

USA flag

Creator(s): Bert Alper

Country: USA

Era(s): Japanese Occupation

Service: Cpl, Sixth Air Force

Source(s): in The Caribbean Breeze

USA flag
Black representation

Creator(s): Charles Alston

Country: USA

Era(s): World War II

Service: Pvt., Office of War Information (OWI)

Source(s): in Erin Blakemore, "This African American Artist's Cartoons Helped Win World War II," Smithsonian Magazine, February 27, 2017,, & Jessie Kratz, "The Drawings of Charles Alston," National Archives: Pieces of History,Febryary 22, 2017,

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