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Multimedia Features

See or learn more about some of the comics and comic-related media discussed in Politics in the Gutters by navigating to the chapter(s) of interest and following the provided links.

created: 8 June 2021

Last Updated: 6 May 2022

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Origins and Background.

Featured: I Go Pogo, Art Spiegelman Comics & Politics

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Politics and Pop Culture.

Featured: Obama is Superman, Trump is Batman

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Chapter 1

Campaigns and Comics.

Featured: Picture Life of a Great American, The Story of Harry S Truman, "Character," "Dead Abe Lincoln,"A Man Named Stevenson, A Vida de Franklin D. Roosevelt, Alabama Needs "The Little Judge", Alabama Needs John Patterson, Alford in Action in Arkansas, Eisenhower & Nixon, Elect Robert B. Meyner Here's What a Republican Congress Did For You, Man Against the People, Morgenthau: Man of Action, Our Friend "Ken", 'Erbie & 'is Playmates (DNC) [bonus feature]

Ch 1
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Chapter 2

Congress and the CCA.

Featured: Senate hearing in Iron Man 2, Senator kidnapped in X-MenSuperheroes Decoded (History), Challenges to the Comic Code Authority (LOC),The Wonderful, Horrible World of EC Comics (CCI)

Ch 2
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Chapter 3

Superheroic Presidency.

Featured: Superman's Mission for President Kennedy, Justice League: The New Frontier, Super President, Arrow "The Candidate"

Ch 3
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Chapter 4

Political apathy.

Featured: Prez: The First Teen President, Prez, Watchmen, The Flintstones,

Ch 4
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Chapter 5

Political satire and parody.

Featured: X-Presidents, Trump's Titans, Unquotable Trump, Every Family Has One, Great Morons in History: Dan Quayle, Major Flip Flop, Read My Lips, Reagan's Raiders, He Said/She Said: The Bill Clinton Story [bonus feature], On the Road with George & Barbara [bonus feature], Nixon Made Perfectly Clear [bonus feature]

Ch 5
Ch 6
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Chapter 6

Graphic reportage.

Featured: 9/11 Report: A Graphic Adaptation, Mueller Report Graphic Novel, Operation Ajax,

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Chapter 7

Elections in pop culture.

Featured: Your Vote is Vital, Cheated!, Alvin & the Chipmunks - Alvin for President, Daffy Duck for President, You're Not Elected Charlie Brown, Howard the Duck, Bullwinkle political parody, Gumby - Political Candidate [bonus feature]

Ch 7
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Chapter 8

Gender, politics, and comics.

Featured: Betty Boop for President, Popeye for President, Peggy Lux for President, AOC superhero comic, Saucer Country, Lynda Carter on Supergirl, Bomb Queen, Bitch Planet

Ch 8
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Chapter 9

Politicians of Color.

Featured: March, MLK The Montgomery Story, Spider-Man Meets Obama, Barack the Barbarian,

Ch 9
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Chapter 10

Presidential supervillains.

Featured: "President Supervillain," Vote Loki, President Lex Luthor, Mark Hamill reading Trump Tweets as the Joker

Ch 10
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Chapter 11

Political allohistories.

Featured: Jekyll Island Chronicles, The Umbrella Academy: Dallas, Letter 44

Ch 11
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Politics in comics.

Featured: Comicsgate

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Post Script

COVID-19 and the politics of

apocalyptic fiction

Featured: Black, Scooby Apocalypse

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