Public Speaking


From Fall 2006 through Spring 2017, Dr. Knopf served as the "oral skills coordinator" at SUNY Potsdam. As a resource person to the General Education Committee, she was actively involved in the review, approval, and assessment of courses fulfilling the SUNY presentation skills General Education requirement and the college's speaking intensive requirement. This decade+ of work gave her experience dealing with college-wide curriculum revisions, SUNY system guidelines, and college discussions around mission and vision. Since Fall 2017, Dr. Knopf serves as the public speaking director and Presentation Skills Committee Chair at SUNY Cortland. In these roles, she is not only active in the review, approval, and assessment of presentation skills courses for General Education, but also in the curricular development and faculty support of public speaking classes in the Communication & Media Studies Department. Through these roles, in addition to teaching speech annually since 2001, Dr. Knopf has kept up-to-date with changes and trends in the field, including initiatives for the basic course and communication-across-the-curriculum at other colleges, particularly those within the 64-campus SUNY system.



Dr. Knopf has been active in matters of college governance as a member of SUNY Cortland's Educational Policy Committee, and as a member of SUNY Potsdam's Faculty Senate, Arts & Sciences Council, and General Education Committee. Through this experience, she understands the channels and procedures, opportunities and limitations, for a college's maintenance, change, and growth in policies and programs. She has been part of accreditation reviews, program reviews, and system revisions, gaining experience in mission development, assessment practices, curriculum changes, policy clarifications, and more.



Dr. Knopf has served on the departmental curriculum committees in both Communication & Media Studies at SUNY Cortland and in English & Communication at SUNY Potsdam, reviewing and developing curriculum proposals, student learning outcomes, and assessment protocols at the course and program levels. Serving as Chair of both committees, she has helped usher in a variety of initiatives through research, communication, paperwork, and dialogue.


In addition to chairing or co-chairing multiple college committees (including the SUNY Potsdam English & Communication Curriculum, Student Liaison, and Personnel Committees; the SUNY Cortland Communication & Media Studies Personnel and Curriculum Committees; the SUNY Cortland Educational Programming Subcommittee of the Antiracism Task Force, the Presentation Skills Committee, and a search committee), Dr. Knopf has served as Chair of the Political Communication and Rhetoric & Public Address divisions of the Eastern Communication Association, as Vice President and President of the New York State Communication Association, and as the faculty sponsor for the SUNY Potsdam Delta Omicron chapter of Lambda Pi Eta. This latter set of leadership roles required group communication, multi-party coordination, scheduling, decision-making, budgetting, and knowledge of Parliamentary Procedure. She has been the lead organizer on many events, including seven honor society inductions, a "#StopAAPIHate" forum, and a state-wide conference. She also strives to improve diversity, equity, and inclusion in the academy, and has served on SUNY Cortland's Antiracism Task Force and the Sexual-Orientation & Gender Identity Expression committee, and on SUNY Potsdam's Diversity & Inclusivity Action Coalition.

Graduate Program


As a member of SUNY Potsdam's English & Communication Graduate Committee and the Graduate Affairs Committee, Dr. Knopf gained experience in graduate program development, revision, recruitment, and funding. Both on and off the committees, she was actively involved in program assessment for curricular revisions and for improved recruitment and retention for SUNY Potsdam's MA program in discourse studies. Dr. Knopf has also taught at the graduate level, with a 600-level course at SUNY Potsdam, and has served as a reader on M.A. thesis committeess at SUNY Potsdam and a PhD dissertation committee at Bowling Green State University.



As a reviewer and editorial board member of multiple journals and as a regular reviewer, panel chair, and/or respondent for multiple scholastic organizations, Dr. Knopf understands how much unseen work is needed to maintain the activities of the academic community. Dr. Knopf has been an undergraduate student advisor to 20-40 majors and minors in communication and related programs annually since Fall 2006. She regulary participates in her college communities by representating the department at open houses and other events, processing in convocations and commencements, and attending college celebrations. She also supports campus functions and talks by colleagues and other departments. Additionally, Dr. Knopf has engaged with community service via public scholarship, doing research and transcription for museums and libraries, and working for campus get-out-the-vote initiatives.

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Service can take a variety of forms, including mentorship, leadership, advising, policy analysis, program development, program evaluation, community development, public education, community relations, governance, and advisory or collaborative roles. However it is manifested, it is critical for higher education and is part of faculty responsibilities as academic citizens. Professional service can be a source of innovation and discovery in scholarly theory and methodology. It can develop the quality of instruction. It can be intellectually invigorating. Moreover, service is an intellectual and promotional resource for institutions.

selected institutional service

  • Presentation Skills Coordinator, Communication & Media Studies, SUNY Cortland: 2017-present

  • Presentation Skills Committee Chair, SUNY Cortland: 2018-present

  • SOGIE [Sexual Orientation, Gender Identity & Expression], SUNY Cortland: 2021-present

  • Educational Policy Committee, SUNY Cortland: 2021-2024

  • Online Teaching Group, SUNY Cortland: 2020-present

  • Antiracism Task Force, Educational Programming Subcommittee, SUNY Cortland: 2020-2022

  • Cortland Votes, SUNY Cortland: 2020

  • Oral Skills Coordinator, General Education Committee, SUNY Potsdam: 2006-2017

  • Arts & Sciences Council, SUNY Potsdam: 2008-2011, 2015-2017

  • Diversity Programming & Student Training - Diversity & Inclusion Action Coalition subcommittee, SUNY Potsdam: 2016-2017

  • National Endowment for the Humanities Faculty Advisory Board, SUNY Potsdam: 2010-2013

  • Faculty Senate, SUNY Potsdam: 2007-2009, 2012-2014

  • Comic Book Club faculty sponsor, SUNY Potsdam: 2013-2017

  • Lambda Pi Eta, Delta Omicron chapter advisor, SUNY Potsdam: 2011-2017

selected professional service

New York State Communication Association

  • President: October 2021-October 2022

  • Vice President & 79th annual convention planner: October 2020-October 2021

  • Vice President-Elect: October 2019-October 2020

  • submission reviewer: 2019, 2020, 2021

Eastern Communication Association

  • Rhetoric & Public Address Interest Group Chair/program planner: Spring 2022-Spring 2023

  • Political Communication Interest Group Chair/program planner: Spring 2008-Spring 2009

  • Political Communication Interest Group Vice Chair/'08 Wine & Spots host: Spring 2007-Spring 2008

  • submission reviewer (various sections): 2007, 2008, 2009, 2010, 2011, 2017, 2018, 2020, 2021

National Communication Association

  • Convention Committee: 2022-2024

  • Political Communication Division, Michael Pfau Outstanding Article Award Committee: 2022

  • Public Sphere Theory Annual Preconference Seminar Co-Facilitator/Planner: 2009, 2010

  • submission reviewer (various sections): 2006, 2008, 2009, 2010, 2011, 2015, 2016, 2017, 2018, 2019, 2021, 2022

American Sociological Association

  • Peace, War & Social Conflict Section Membership Committee (volunteer): Summer 2012-Summer 2013

  • Peace, War & Social Conflict Section Student Paper Award Committee: Summer 2011-Summer 2012

selected community service

editorial service

  • Co-Editor, Routledge Advances in Comics Studies, 2022-present

  • Editorial Board Member, Home Front Studies, 2021-2024

  • Guest Reviewer, Journal of Graphic Novels & Comics, 2022

  • Guest Reviewer, Journal of Perpetrator Research, 2021

  • Guest Reviewer, Journal of Advanced Military Studies, 2021

  • Guest Reviewer, Journal of Marine Corps History, 2020

  • Peer Reviewer, Comics Grid Journal, 2020 - present

  • Peer Reviewer, Popular Culture Studies Journal, 2019 - present

  • Guest Reviewer, Media, War & Conflict, 2019

  • Guest Reviewer, War and History, 2016/2017

  • Guest Reviewer, Communication Quarterly, volume 62. 2013/2014

  • Editorial Board Member, Lambda Pi Eta Journal, Vol. I. 2012-2014

  • reviewer:

    • monograph, University of Texas Press: 2021/2022

    • monograph, Lexington: 2020

    • The Mediated World: A New Approach to Mass Communication & Culture (Rowman & Littlefield): 2021

    • The Public Speaking Playbook, 2nd edition (SAGE Publications): 2016

    • Advanced Public Speaking: A Leader’s Guide to Communication (Pearson A&B, Longman): 2008

    • Presenting Ideas: Public Speaking (Prentice Hall Pearson Education): 2005

selected college event participation

🐲 SUNY Cortland

Open House Fair

  • department representative: Nov. 2022, Oct. 2022, Apr. 2022, Oct. 2021, Nov. 2019, Oct. 2019

Undergraduate Commencement

  • marshal/crowd control: May 2022

  • volunteer: May 2021, May 2020

  • processional: May 2019, May 2018

Honors Convocation

  • presenter: Apr. 2022

  • processional: Apr. 2018

Opening Convocation

  • marshal/crowd control: Aug. 2022, Aug. 2019, Aug. 2018

  • processional: Aug. 2017

Opening address                                                                                      

  • attendee: Aug. 2022, Jan. 2022, Aug. 2021, Jan. 2021, Aug. 2020, Jan. 2020, Aug. 2019, Jan. 2019, Aug. 2018, Aug. 2017

🐻 SUNY Potsdam

Open House

  • program representative: Apr. 2012, Mar. 2009, Oct. 2007


  • processional: May 2016, May 2015, May 2014, May 2013, May 2012, May 2011, May 2009, May 2007

Arts & Sciences Awards Convocation                                                      

  • attendee: May 2016, May 2015, May 2014, May 2013, May 2011, May 2009, May 2008, May 2007

  • presenter: May 2017, May 2012

Department of English & Communication Awards Ceremony

  • attendee: May 2017, Apr. 2016

Lambda Pi Eta Induction

  • host/organizer: Apr. 2017, Apr. 2016, Apr. 2015, Apr. 2014, May 2013, Apr. 2012, May 2011

Community Check In

  • attendee: Nov. 17, 2016, Aug. 31, 2016

Exam Week Midnight Breakfast

  • volunteer: Dec. 2011, Dec. 2010, Dec. 2009, Dec. 2008, Dec. 2007, Dec. 2006

Opening Convocation                                                                                      

  • attendee: Aug. 2010, Aug. 2009, Aug. 2008, Aug. 2007, Aug. 2006

First Year Funnel                                                              

  • participant: Aug. 2010, Aug. 2007