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News and Updates

This is a monthly look at what I've been up to and what's coming up next.

January 2024

January opened with my first deadline of the new year - an essay for an anthology on Wonder Woman. A few days later, I submitted a proposal for consideration in an anthology on war comics; unfortunately, this didn't make the cut - though to be fair to myself, I was working on it right after being in a bad car accident and probably wasn't at my best. The Spring 2024 semester began on January 18 (so I had to miss the annual NCA leadership retreat that started January 19); I am teaching two sections of public speaking this semester with a new "de-colonized" curriculum designed to be more inclusive of non Westernized, non masculinized, ableist best practices. The month closed with the submission of two co-authored proposals related to the World War II creations of Milton Caniff. In between, I signed an advance contract with the University Press of Mississippi to write a "mini-graph" about Scarecrow (DC Comics) for their new "So You Think Know..." series.


December 2023

I really focused on finishing out a busy, busy, semester. I participated in the SUNY Cortland Phi Kappa Phi inductions, as the incoming secretary for the chapter. And I wrote an assessment report for all the sections of the public speaking course and for my own section of organizational communication for Fall 2023.


November 2023

November saw me at the NCA conference in National Harbor, where I presented on AI illustration in the comics adaptation of The Abolition of Man and on representations of journalism in the MCU and DCU. I also co-presented on the military insignia of Milton Caniff at the illustration research symposium at Wash U in St. Louis. I also did work as the program planner for the Political Communication group of ECA and completed a review for Media, War & Conflict.


October 2023

The annual NYSCA conference took place this month. I took it easy this year and just participated in a discussion of the book Straight Man. Other activities this month included completing peer reviews for Cogent Social Science and for an anthology on AI in the classroom.


September 2023

Though the semester technically started in August, September always feels more like the official start of school. This Fall, I am teaching Human Communication (a 175-seat class), Organizational Communication, and Interpersonal Communication (my first time ever teaching the latter two courses). I also started my new appointment as Assistant Dean in the School of Arts and Sciences at SUNY Cortland. I went to BGSU for a short conference on Spider-Man, where a project I did back in 2017 on mother-figures/villains in Spider-Man comics finally saw the light of day. I also did peer reviewing for the RSA conference and submitted a draft chapter about Before Watchmen: The Comedian. This semester is incredibly busy and stressful and my writing is showing the wear.

Image by Hugo Rocha

Stay Tuned...

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