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Politics in the Gutters

Carolyn Cocca
author, Superwomen: Gender, Power, & Representation

In Politics in the Gutters, Christina Knopf has made a tremendous contribution to many fields - political science, media and communications, literature, American studies, and comics studies. Clear, detailed, and easy to read, this enormous undertaking skillfully illuminates the intersections of comics and real-world politics.

Marc DiPaolo
author, War, Politics and Superheroes

Christina Knopf breaks new ground with Politics in the Gutters: American Politicians and Elections in Comic Book Media. While there are historians who cover comic books and superheroes, Knopf’s writing is far more substantive, going deeper into the real history and politics, making her books unique.


Chistina M. Knopf’s Politics in the Gutters is a great read. Your local or online bookseller will thank you—and ought to send Knopf a thank-you note, too—since, if you’re anything like me, you’ll want to order a whole bunch of the comics Knopf writes about, read them, and then come back to Politics in the Gutters again. What’s better than a book that makes you want to read more comics?

Ancillary Review of Books

 Politics In The Gutters is an impressive, fast-paced, and highly-informative study of how politics and comics are, will continue to be, and have for a long time been intertwined


Politics in the Gutter[s] provides a complex and ambitious vision of its subject.

anonymous reviewer

[Knopf] is always EXCELLENT at uncovering evocative and meaningful events in history in which comics influenced the real world, as well as identifying obscure texts with a lot to say, politically, even if they are underappreciated in fandom proper.

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Image by Element5 Digital
Image by Element5 Digital

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