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American Political Science Association

  • 2011. “Free expression, information superiority, image, & operation security: Crafting a military communication model for the cyber age.” Are your data private: Cyber security in a Wikileaks world.  Seattle, WA.

American Sociological Association

  • 2016. “Reimagining social movements classes: Conversations about comics.” Section on Teaching and Learning Sociology roundtable: Experiential learning. Seattle, WA.

  • 2015. “Making love and war: (Erotic) sexual politics of war revealed in letters of an American military couple.” Section on the Sociology of the Family roundtable: Sexuality. Chicago, IL.

  • 2012. “Fort Utopia, Middle of Nowhere: A utopian perspective to studying/understanding the military.” Section on Peace, War, and Social Conflict roundtable session. Denver, CO.

  • 2011. “Unknowing martyrs in the anti-war cause: The creation of protest statements through combat-zone suicides.” Section on Peace, War, and Social Conflict roundtable session. Las Vegas, NV.

Comic Arts Conference

  • 2016. “Undead soldiers never die: Post-9/11 civil-military relations in DC’s ‘G.I. Zombie.’” Poster presentations. Comic Arts Conference at Comic Con International. San Diego, CA.

Comic-Con Conference for Educators and Librarians

  • 2023. Admissions departments emitting geek vibes: College course focused on pop culture. Comic Con International. San Diego, CA.

  • 2023. Comics on campus: Academia vs. fandom (battle or a collab?). Comic Con International. San Diego, CA.

  • 2022. Comics on Campus: Fandom + Academia. Comic Con International. San Diego, CA.

Comics Studies Society

  • 2023. “Missing the Punchline: Comedy, violence, & a woman on the fringe.” Drawing the monstrous: Violence, horror, war. Denton, TX.

  • 2022, with D.F. Yezbick. “Letters & lace: Milton Caniff’s Male Call & its readers.” Comics readers, comics politics. East Lansing, MI.

  • 2021. “Compassion & the apocalypse: Commanders (& communities) in Crisis.” Navigating superhero communities. Comics Studies Society. WebEx.

  • 2020. “Babes at arms: From firing-pin ups to Bombshells.” Women & war. Arkadelphia, AK. [Canceled: COVID19]

  • 2020. “The mise-en-scène, mise-en-abyme, & mise en screen of techno-dystopias.” Arkadelphia, AK. [Canceled: COVID19]

  • 2019. “Presidential superzeroes: Parody or punditry in comic book political satire.” From protest to satire: Comics as political commentary. Toronto, ON.

Eastern Communication Association

  • 2024. “Distortions and distractions: The visual rhetoric of celebrity spectacle surrounding Trump’s indictments.” The shifting currents of Trump's legal imbroglios: Indictments, integrity, & impenitence. Cambridge, MA.

  • 2024. “The national recurring nightmare: Ford’s inaugural speech 50 years later.” Public Address of 1974, Fifty Years Later. Cambridge, MA.

  • 2024. Scholars’ Roundtable: Whither American Democracy?. Cambridge, MA.

  • 2023. “‘Wake up, sheeple!’ Sheeple aren’t real: Cartooning conspiracies in a theater of the absurd - Netflix’s Inside Job.” Top papers in political communication. Baltimore, MD.

  • 2023. “Roe, reproduction, and representation: Artists on abortion.” Denial, derogation, & divisiveness after Dobbs: Communication perspectives on a post-Roe world. Baltimore, MD.

  • 2023. Divided federal government & future directions for political communication research. Baltimore, MD.

  • 2023. “Politics as unusual: Editorial cartooning and the 2024 election.” Are we on “The Eve of Destruction?” – Looking Ahead to the 2024 Election. Baltimore, MD.

  • 2022. “The Statue of Trumpery: Ironic metaphor and the visual ideograph.” Top paper panel: Memorializing public messages of American presidents. Philadelphia, PA.

  • 2022. Invoking <freedom>: Negative and positive freedom as rhetorical strategies in the pandemic. Philadelphia, PA.

  • 2022. Scholars’ roundtable: The state of U.S. democracy in the early 21st century. Philadelphia, PA.

  • 2021. “Mourning in America: Critical nostalgia in the time of MAGA.” The 2020 Presidential election, pictured: Framing theory & nostalgia during the Biden/Trump election. Virtual.

  • 2021. The 2019 & 2020 ECA Distinguished Research Fellows: A discussion about research & resiliency. Virtual.

  • 2020. “The fall of the towers and the rise of political comics journalism.” Top papers in political communication. Baltimore, MD. [Canceled: COVID19]

  • 2020. “Light comedy or reality TV?  Political cartoonists frame the 2020 Democratic primary debates.” Analyzing communication in the 2020 presidential primary debates: Strategic innovation & interaction in a shifting scene. Baltimore, MD. [Canceled: COVID19]

  • 2019. “Hey, voters! Comics!: Campaign comics, election specials and graphic biographies.” Top papers in political communication. Providence, RI.

  • 2019. “Cartoon commemoration and commentary on the death of John McCain.” Bidding Senator John McCain goodbye: Memorializing across genres & contexts. Providence RI.

  • 2017. “A rhetoric of monstrosity: Towards a definition of the American political horror genre.” Humor, horror, & pop culture in politics. Boston, MA.

  • 2016. “Four-color politics: Ideology and the presidency in DC’s Prez 1973-2015.” Top papers in political communication.  Baltimore, MD.

  • 2012. “Staging war theater on the home front: The family drama of deployment in public broadcasting.” Constructing reality? Terrorism economic tidings, family values, & broadcasting military policy. Cambridge, MA.

  • 2011. “Suicidal soldiers or wounded warriors: Rhetoric of victimage in defense of military suicides.” Power, propaganda, & rhetoric in public address. Arlington, VA.

  • 2010. “Hidden costs & unsung heroes: Issues of media coverage and cultural scripts in noncombat military deaths.” The political discourse of waging war & combating terrorism. Baltimore, MD.

  • 2009. “Eco-nfessions: CMC, secrets, and environmental action at” Old & new media on the Internet: Economics & adaptations. Philadelphia, PA.

  • 2009. “Lipschtick: Masculine political metaphors get a makeover.” Campaign frames: Meaning making & constraint in ‘08. Philadelphia, PA.

  • 2008. “IR, PR, the E.U. & the U.S.: Bush’s and Chirac’s conflicting sacred/secular national identities regarding Iraq.” Bent emotions: Perspectives on foreign policy & candidate evaluations. Pittsburgh, PA.

  • 2007. “Civil religion in presidential inaugural addresses from George Washington to George W. Bush.” Religion & political communication: New research.  Providence, RI.

  • 2006. “Like gathering moonbeams: Challenges facing the solidification and reinforcement of Pagan Pride.” Constructions of self & other: Selected papers in Voices of Diversity. Philadelphia, PA.

  • 2004. “Looking to heaven for answers: A computer-based rhetorical critique of Christian sermons following the Oklahoma City bombing & the 9/11 terrorist attacks.” The progress of life & death: Rhetorical evocation & response. Boston, MA.

  • 2004. “The fightin’ side of country: Political messages from ‘Music City’ in wartime.” Modern politics: Fear, celebrity, parody, & country music & political messages. Boston, MA.

  • 2003. “One nation under question: How the media did (or didn’t) cover the Pledge decision.” Competitive papers in mass communication: Media coverage of U.S. issues. Washington, DC.

  • 2003. “Disconnected in a wireless world?” Discourses of citizenship pre-conference. Washington, DC.

  • 2002. “Capturing character: Variations in media coverage of candidate character in the first 2000 presidential debate.” Debates 2000: A close look. New York City, NY.

Eastern Sociological Society

  • 2016. “Baby girls, little men, & kiddos: Family roles & social constructions of the children of World War II.” Military families. Military Sociology Mini-Conference. Boston, MA. 

  • 2014. “Guns & cockpits, weapons of wits: Gender & sexuality in the military as expressed in soldier-drawn comics.” U.S. military economies & cultures. Baltimore, MD.

International Communication Association

  • 2011. “Materiality & commoditization of war correspondence, from snail-mail to e-mail.” Mediating war & technology preconference. Boston, MA.

International Studies Association

  • 2012, with E.J. Ziegelmayer. “Global communication in tribal battles: Development & meaning of the U.S. military’s Information Operations Doctrine.” Communicating war in the information age. San Diego, CA.

International Studies Association - Northeast

  • (2013). “Doctrine Man draws for jargon, bureaucracy, & the military way: Comic representations of US military doctrine.” Media as data; Media as method. Providence, RI.

Media Ecology Association

  • 2024. “The medium, she’s the message: Memory and meaning along the Haunted History Trail of New York State.” The contested contours of public memory: Critiques of public space, defining narratives, and the evolving nature of public commemoration. Buffalo, NY.

  • 2023. “Visual surreality: Time, germs, and other things (un)seen in COVID comics.” Media Ecology Association. New York, NY.

National Communication Association

  • 2023. “The abolition of rhetoric? A consideration of visual rhetoric & AI illustration in The Abolition of Man comic.” Innovation & effects in visual communication technology. National Harbor, MD.

  • 2023. “Freedom of the press: Journalistic accountability, fake news, & the ‘truth’ in Spider-Man.” Superheroes & the meaning of “freedom:” Social, personal, & structural dimension. National Harbor, MD.

  • 2022. “‘Come on! What did you expect?’ Mischief, marketing, & merch.” The Marvel Cinematic Universe on Disney+: Place, expansion, contention. Seattle, WA.

  • 2022. Comics, community, & communication: A Comics Studies Society roundtable. Seattle, WA.

  • 2021. “They furnished the pictures, Trump furnished the war: Political cartoons of the fight against COVID & the ‘wartime president’.” News coverage of crises, COVID-19, & campaigns. Seattle, WA.

  • 2021. “‘You’re on mute’: Idiosyncrasies of synchronous online public speaking.” Transforming the public speaking course in response to COVID-19. Seattle, WA.

  • 2020. “Lois Lane & the image of the journalist: Comics Books are a medium with a media message.” Journalism & news across cultures & countries. Zoom.

  • 2020. Code of conduct in communication associations. Zoom.

  • 2020. “Light comedy or reality TV? Political cartoonists frame the 2020 Democratic primary debates.” Analyzing communication in the 2020 presidential primary debates: Strategic innovation & interaction in a shifting scene. Zoom.

  • 2020. “Venom-ous heroes: The critical crossroads of the heroic villain.” Crossroads & boundaries in superhero adaptations. Zoom.

  • 2019. “‘Is this a comic book version of a presidential campaign?’: Graphic politainment endorsements of voting amid expressions of cynicism.” Scholarship on political participation, deliberation, voting and issue ownership of science in politics. Baltimore, MD.  

  • 2018. “Playful politics in political parodies: Editorial cartoons in comic book form.” Politics in play: Satire, affect, and cartoons. Salt Lake City, UT.

  • 2017. “Legacies of colonialism and race in presidential steampunk superhero comics.” Commemoration, memorialization & nostalgia: Analyzing race, memory & politics. Dallas, TX.

  • 2017. “I’m with h↑m to make Star City great again: Arrow’s mimetic mayoral campaign.” Taking aim at CW’s Arrowverse: Costumed heroes, cultural critiques, & commercial implications. Dallas, TX.

  • 2017. “Studying horrific political communication & monstrous politicians: What can communication scholars offer to the study of horror, and What meanings are emerging in contemporary representations of monstrosity?” Our (Monstrous) Legacies, Our (Cultural) Relevancies: Exploring the Significance of Monstrosity, Horror, and Otherness for Communication Studies. Dallas, TX.

  • 2016. “‘V’ for victory, violence, vixens, and variants: Exploring feminism and peace in the WWII herstory of DC’s Bombshells.” Contributing to the conversation: Costumed superheroes & contemporary socio-political discourse. Philadelphia, PA.

  • 2016. “Remembering the Cold War in DC The New Frontier: New truths, comic book justice, a different American way.” The Red Menace in the American imagination: Rethinking the cultural experience of the Cold War. Philadelphia, PA.

  • 2015. “‘Sexy letters’: Maintaining long-distance sexual intimacy– a couple’s Korean War correspondence.” Perspectives on initiating & maintaining sexual communication. Las Vegas, NV.

  • 2015. “Seamlessness and systemness.” Organizational change in higher ed: Transfer, articulation, & degree completion through “systemness” panel discussion. Las Vegas, NV.

  • 2014. “The genre and process of war letters.” Studies in rhetoric: Roundtable on research in progress. Chicago, IL.

  • 2013. “The coloring guard: Rhetorical visions of military cartoonists.” Mapping the shifting grounds of post-9/11 war rhetoric, “Inside the machine: Workshopping war rhetoric projects.” Washington, DC.

  • 2012. “The funny side of war: A fantasy theme analysis of WWII & Iraq editorial cartoons by soldiers who were there.” A COMMunity of humor in political communication. Orlando, FL.

  • 2011. “Soldiers without guns, women’s work is never done: WWII WACs and WAVES from comic pages to comic books.” Comic books voices as domestic propaganda in World War II. New Orleans, LA.

  • 2010. “A bridge too far to cross? Veterans’ narratives of returning to civilian life and the implications for cultural civil-military relations.” War & the military in political communication. San Francisco, CA.

  • 2010. “Tinker, tailor, soldier, or sailor: Military identity as influence in the public sphere.” Making connections, breaking bonds: Identity & the public sphere. San Francisco, CA. 

  • 2009. “Speaking to one god but addressing many: The inaugural address as counterweight to the inaugural prayer.” Let “us” pray: Rhetoric, religion, & the 2009 presidential inauguration. Chicago, IL.

  • 2009. “Toward a model of reasonable religion.” Re-visiting & re-visioning: Religion in the public sphere. Chicago, IL.

  • 2008. “Unconventional expectations in conventional settings: Using innovation in the classroom.” Putting my students first: The pedagogical implications of student centered teaching practices in the college classroom. San Diego, CA.

  • 2007. “Participatory communication practices in Dianic Wicca: Witchcraft as third wave feminist action.” Second & third wave feminism & beyond. Chicago, IL.                

  • 2007. “Reconciling reason & religion.” Public sphere studies in action: Looking back on 10 years & forward to the next 10. Chicago, IL.

  • 2006. “How the news media act as saints and sinners of civil religion on Inauguration Day.” Saints, sinners, sex: Exploring hostility, objectivity, & religious norms in the news. San Antonio, TX.

  • 2006. “The prodigal son and the promised land: The unique and not so unique religious nature of George W. Bush’s Inaugural addresses.” Issues in political communication. San Antonio, TX.

  • 2006. “Lessons worth learning about innovations & interventions: Thinking about cases our students connect to – the Facebook fiasco.” Connection & action in public sphere studies: Conversations about what we do & why we do it. San Antonio, TX.

  • 2005. “Leaping the gap of faith: Diagnosing what ails dialogues involving spirituality.” Health of public spheres & public deliberation. Boston, MA.

  • 2004. “Providence, presidents, & the press: Using the past to understand the present & future of religious language in and about U.S. inaugurations.” God today: Religion in contemporary culture. Chicago, IL.

  • 2003. “Redefining crisis rhetoric in the wake of localized national tragedies.” Political rhetoric. Miami, FL.

  • 2002. “Girl-talk in a man’s world: Losing the ‘counter’ in multiple public spheres.” Public sphere theory. New Orleans, LA.

New York State Communication Association

  • 2023. Reengaging 'Straight Man' in contemporary higher education: NYSCA Book Club. Callicoon, NY.

  • 2022. “Junctures and ruptures: COVID, comics, and visualizing the invisible.” Wilson Lecture. Callicoon, NY.

  • 2022. “Roe, reproduction, and representation: Artists on abortion.” Denial, derogation, & divisiveness after Dobbs: Communication perspectives on a post-Roe world. Callicoon, NY.

  • 2022. Professorial confessions: The worst class I've ever taught. Callicoon, NY.

  • 2020. “Monroe’s Motivated Sequence – As Seen on TV!” GIFTS. Webex.

  • 2019. “We are all wonder women & handmaids in the resistance – or are we?: The limits of pop culture icons & avatars in feminist protest.” Global citizens & impediments: Modern feminism around the world. Callicoon, NY.

  • 2018. “Pun dites: Artists’ re-framing of Trump’s words.” Trump time: Communication lessons or Trump’s communication primer. Callicoon, NY.

  • 2008. “‘Pants on fire’: An intradisciplinary game for the public speaking or basic course.” GIFTS panel. Kerhonkson, NY.

  • 2002. “Capturing character: Candidate coverage as cue to the crisis of civil society.” Roundtable. Tarrytown, NY.

Popular Culture Association/American Culture Association

  • 2018. “Graphic epistles & epistle graphics: Of war letters & comics.” Comics & the epistolary tradition. Indianapolis, IN.

Popular Culture Association/American Culture Association-South

  • 2018. “Campaign carnage: Horror & politics in comic books.” Political horror. New Orleans, LA.

Rhetoric Society of America

  • 2024. “Gods, monsters, and generals: Rhetorical appeals, public memory, and historical fiction of the Civil War.” Representations of war.  Denver, CO.

  • 2020. “Dungeons & dialogics: Cartographic hospitality in hypermediated role-play games.” Genre in pop culture. Portland, OR. [Canceled: COVID19]

  • 2014. “‘Worlds apart & yet together’: Using spatial rhetoric to traverse boundaries in war correspondence.” Approaches to the rhetoric of war. San Antonio, TX.

  • 2014. “Drawn behind the lines: Fantasizing borders in war cartoons.” Tracing the rhetorics of war. San Antonio, TX.

  • 2010. “‘Language will not convey’: Rhetorical formation of interpersonal civil-military relations.” Rhetoric in military & foreign policy. Minneapolis, MN.

  • 2008. “Perspectives on piety: The press’s use of incongruity.” Rhetoric, religion, & the rhetoric of religion: Perspectives & prospects. Seattle, WA.

Society for Cinema and Media Studies

  • 2022. “Illustrated war letters: Precursor to digital postcards & viral videos.” Archaeologies of audio/visual industries & the military. Virtual Pre-Conference Seminar. Online.


  • 2023, with D.F. Yezbick. “Bombs & bombshells, aluminum and Lace: Milton Caniff at the intersections of illustration & insignia in World War II.” Recovering & recontextualizing race & gender in illustration. Blind Spots: The 13th Annual Illustration Research Symposium, Washington University. St. Louis, MO.

  • 2023. “Mother Goddesses & the incarnation, passion, & resurrection of Spider-Man: The transformative nature of Shriek, Shathra, & Ero.” Spider-Man & religion: Spinning a web of spirituality. Bowling Green State University Spider-Man in Popular Culture Conference. Bowling Green, OH.

  • 2023. “Building resistance: Agency & LEGO Star Wars: The Freemaker Adventures.” Material resistance. Realizing Resistance Episode III, Digital Cultural Studies Cooperative. Online.

  • 2023. “Comics, covidity, and visualizing the invisible.” Schering Plough Executive Lectures Series, Fairleigh Dickinson University. Virtual.

  • 2022. Military humor. Military at Microsoft. MS Teams.

  • 2022. “Veteran-created war comics and the workaday war.” Comics, Security, and the American Mission, The Ohio State University. Columbus, OH.

  • 2022. “Wonder Woman’s Bronze Age & the United Nations Decade for Women.” Wonder Woman for President: 50 Years of Kick-Ass Feminism virtual conference.

  • 2021. “‘I am altering the [art of the] deal’; Or, the in-Sidious threat of Dark Side allusions in political satire.” The Imperial March. Realizing Resistance Episode II. Online.

  • 2020. Twilight zones: Democracy thrives on strangeness. Page 23 Literary Conference. Online.

  • 2020. “Babes at arms: From firing/pin ups to Bombshells.” Women & war in superhero comics. Flyover Comics Symposium, Digital Frontiers. Virtual conference.

  • 2019. “Animating #VeteransVoices: StoryCorps, cartoons, & the civil-military gap.” Animation and Public Engagement Symposium. Lubbock, TX.

  • 2019. “The genre crossovers and gender crossplays of DC Comics Bombshells.” Comics: From creation to reception and back again. Geek/Art CONfluence, Syracuse University. Syracuse, NY.

  • 2019. “Poison Ivy: Militant earth mother.” Warrior women & super-grrrls!: Iconic feminist heroines & their discontents. Page 23 Literary Conference at the Denver Pop Culture Con. Denver, CO.

  • 2019. “‘We have everything we need’: The Anti-Imperial March.” “You are being rescued. Please do not resist.” Digital Frontiers 2019: Realizing Resistance. University of North Texas. Denton, TX.

  • 2017. “Sighting UFOs (unusual female others) in Saucer Country: Metaphors of identity & politics.” Monstrous Women in Comics Conference. University of North Texas. Denton, TX.

  • 2017. The military in cartoon: Veteran comic creators – a panel discussion. Border Town Comic-Con. Ontario, OR.

  • 2016. “Animating the war effort: Cartoons of World War II.” Spirit of Revolution on the Home Front, National Parks of Boston. National Parks Service Centennial Celebration. USS Constitution Museum. Boston, MA.

  • 2016. “Visual perspective in primary, secondary, & tertiary graphic narratives of World War I.” Images, imageries, imaginaires. Colloque Guerres et BD: Écrire une histoire nouvelle de l’Europe, Bibliothèque Nationale de France, et le Goethe-Institut Paris, avec la Panthéon-Sorbonne (Université Paris 1). Paris, FR.

  • 2015. “A fatal femme: How Bomb Queen re-genders politics & war.” POP girls: Reconsidering the feminine in popular genres & media forms. PROJECT: Comic Con Academic Mini-Conference. St. Louis, MO.

  • 2013, with E.J. Ziegelmayer. “Web 2.0 & the information revolution for US defense strategy.” War, radicalism & revolution: Social media’s impact. 24th Annual Global Issues Conference at Manchester Community College. Manchester, CT.

  • 2010, with E.J. Ziegelmayer. “‘Friending’ the enemy: The US military, strategic communication, & social media in the War on Terror.” Social media I. Global Media & ‘the War Terror’: An International Conference, sponsored by the Communication and Media Research Institute at the University of Westminster. London, GB.

  • 2003. “Stoking the flame: Developing a passion for community service.” SKILL 2003: Sharing Knowledge, Insights, and Lessons Learned CETL Conference for U. Albany Graduate Teaching Assistants: Albany, NY.

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