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Teaching & Learning

Teaching Online

"Teaching in the Age of Zoom - Ideas You Can Use Now" Persuasive speaking unit video tutorial from Macmillan, 2020

"Online versus Face-to-Face Public Speaking Outcomes: A Comprehensive Assessment" Basic Comm Course Annual, 2019

"Teaching Public Speaking Online—Not a Problem but an Opportunity!" J of Comm Pedagogy, 2019

"Framing the Foundations of Video Based Presentation and Meeting Channels" Comm Center J, 2019

"Incorporating Oral Presentations into a Fully Online Course" recorded Can-Innovate webinar, 2018

"Assessing [..]Student Development [...]Students in an Online Basic Public Speaking Course" Basic Com Course Annual, 2018

"It’s Not the Same Thing: Considering a Path Forward for Teaching Public Speaking Online" Review of Comm, 2016

"Online Presentations and the Future of Public Speaking" Macmillan Learning [blog], 2016

"Assessing [...[ Competency in an Online & Face-to-Face Basic Public Speaking Course" Basic Comm Course Annual, 2016

"Anxiety & Competence in the Online Basic Public Speaking Course" Basic Comm Course Annual, 2015

"Teaching Public Speaking Online" Creating Communication [blog], 2014

"Public Speaking Anxiety: Comparing Face-to-Face & Web-Based SpeechesJ of Instructional Pedagogy, 2013

"Instructional Identity: The Journey To The Online Public Speaking Course" LA Comm J, 2010

"Student Evaluations for the Online Public Speaking Course" Basic Comm Course Annual, 2010

"Teaching and Learning Public Speaking Online" J of Online Teaching & Learning, 2010

"Streaming Student Speeches on the 'net: Convenient & 'Connected' Feedback..." Basic Comm Course Annual, 2003

"A Comparison of Traditional & Online Formats in a Public Speaking Course" Comm Ed, 2001

Online Teaching
Grading & Assessment

Inclusion, Diversity, Equity, Justice

​"The Importance of Antiracism in Speaking Center Pedagogic Materials" Comm Center J, 2021

"Transforming Communication Centers from IDEA Places to IDEAL Spaces" Comm Center J, 2021

"Comm Centers & Their Role in Student Empowerment: The Necessity of Antiracism [...]" Comm Center J, 2020.

"An Inquiry into Black Linguistic Justice, Anti-Racism, and Assimilation" Comm Center J, 2020

"Public Speaking Skills in Educational Space: Russian Traditions & Americanized Approach" Revista Amazonia Investiga, 2019

"Refiguring Peer-to-Peer Feedback through Feminist Disability Pedagogy" The Southern Discourse, 2019

"#RhetoricSoEnglishOnly: Decolonizing Rhetorical Studies through Multilingualism" Quarterly Journal of Speech, 2019

"Decolonizing Listening: Towards an Equitable Approach to Speech Training for the Actor" Voice & Speech Review, 2019

"Decolonizing Projects: Creating Pluriversal Possibilities in Rhetoric" Rhetoric Review, 2019

"Workplace Diversity" Comm Center J, 2019

"Developing Public Speaking Materials Based on Communicative Language Teaching" ELT in Asia in the Digital Era, 2018

"Incorporating Cultural Relativism within Communication Centers" Comm Center J, 2018

"How to [...] Accommodate Transgender & Gender Non-Conforming Students..." Comm Center J, 2017

"Public Speaking as Cultural Ideal: Internationalizing the Public Speaking Curriculum" J Intn'l & Intercultural Comm, 2015

"Cultural Differences & Public Speaking Traditions in Different Countries" European & National Dimensions in Research, 2015

"Localization of the English Public Speaking Course in China’s EFL Curriculum" Asian Social Science, 2013

"Race and Resistance in the Communication Classroom" Basic Comm Course Annual, 2008

"Diversity and Power in Public Speaking Textbooks" Comm Quarterly, 2005

"Recommendations for Negotiation of Code-Switching Practices among Black English-Speaking Students" J Negro Ed, 2004

"An exploration of Kenyan Public Speaking [...] with Implications for Intro Public Speaking" Comm Ed, 2002

"Antiracist Pedagogy in the Basic Course" Basic Comm Course Annual, 2001

"Gender Sensitivity & Diversity Issues in Selected Basic Public Speaking Texts" Women & Language, 1999

"The Culture of Speeches: Public Speaking Across Cultures" Culture Mandala, 1997

"Using Ebonics & Bilingual Code Switching to Facilitate... Multicultural Public Speaking" NCA proceedings, 1997

"The Speech of Diversity: A Tool to Integrate Cultural Diversity Into the Basic Course" Basic Comm Course Annual, 1996

"Rethinking the Public Speaking Course for Students of Color" J Negro Ed, 1993

"Revisioning the Public Speaking Course" Women's Studies in Communication, 1992

"Communication Curricula in the Multicultural University" Comm Ed, 1991


"Public Speaking Instruction and Cultural Bias: The Future of the Basic Course" American Behavioral Scientist, 1990


Access & Accommodation

Speech Anxiety

Speech Anxiety

NCA Resources on Communication Apprehension

"Anxious Speakers in Class?" MacMillan Webinar

"How to Help Students Overcome Public Speaking Anxiety" Inside Higher Ed, 2022

"Use of Video Blogs in Alleviating Public Speaking Anxiety among ESL Learners" J Ed & e-Learning Research, 2020

"Yoga & Public Speaking Anxiety: Bringing the Mind-Body Connection to the Center" Comm Center J, 2020


"Anxiety & Communication Competence in the Honors Basic Public Speaking Course" Basic Comm Course Annual, 2019

"A Study into Situational Apprehension and Performance" Comm Ed, 2019

"Assoc. with Apprehension, Self-Perceived Competence, & Beliefs about Public Speaking" Basic Comm Course Annual, 2019

"Music as an Effective Anxiolytic Intervention in Communication Centers" Comm Center J, 2016

"Comparisons of Speech Anxiety[...]: Are Intensive or Traditional Semester Courses Better?" Basic Comm Course Annual, 2015

"Art as a Means of Exploring Public Speaking Anxiety" Comm Center J, 2015

"Current Status of Knowledge on Public-Speaking Anxiety" Current Opinion in Psychiatry, 2012

"An Internet-Based Self-Help Treatment for Fear of Public Speaking" Cyberpsychology, 2010

"Public Speaking Attitudes: Does Curriculum Make a Difference?" J of Voice, 2008

"Public Speaking Anxiety as a Function of Sensitization & Habituation Processes" Comm Ed, 2004

"Perceptions of Comm Competence, Self-Efficacy, & Trait Comm Apprehension" Comm Research Reports, 2002

"Public Speaking Anxiety: Perceived Competence & Audience Congeniality" Comm Ed, 1998

"Communication Apprehension & the Basic Public Speaking Course" Comm Ed, 1997

"Behavioral Inhibition & the Attribution of Public Speaking State Anxiety" Comm Ed, 1997

"Impact of Basic Courses in Oral Interpretation & Public Speaking on Communication Apprehension" Comm Reports, 1993

Digital Communication
New Approaches
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