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Service can take a variety of forms, including mentorship, leadership, advising, policy analysis, program development, program evaluation, community development, public education, community relations, governance, and advisory or collaborative roles. However it is manifested, it is critical for higher education and is part of faculty responsibilities as academic citizens. Service can develop one's quality of instruction and stimulate scholarship. It is an intellectual and promotional resource for institutions.


Institutional service helps to get things done on campus. Professional service supports the work of the discipline and the academy at large. Service that directly engages students helps to improve their educational experience and their perception of the institution's ethos. Service to the community builds civic capital for all.

Dr. Knopf is active in matters of college governance, curricular design and assessment, personnel matters, program recruitment, student support, and DEI advocacy. She serves her disciplines in various capacities, including, but not limited to, conference reviewing and programming. And she engages in public scholarship and community service wherever possible.

Service must include being a co-conspirator and advocate for diversity, equity, inclusion, access, and justice. Such efforts necessitate a continuing process of learning and improving. Towards this, Dr. Knopf regularly takes advantage of educational opportunities to better understand the standpoints of others and how she can better create environments of belonging for students, faculty, staff, and community members. These efforts have included safe-zone training for LGBTQAIPD, disabled, and racial identities, anti-racism and anti-bias training, universal design training, mentorship training, workshops for pedagogies of belonging and equity, and workshops for intergroup dialoguing. She is actively involved with campus and community efforts to improve DEI, such as serving on committees and faculty groups dedicated to antiracism, sexual orientation and gender identity expression, and diversity and inclusivity action. She notes, "DEIJ work took on added meaning for me in Spring 2015 when a colleague received a series of racist and homophobic death threats which shook my campus and made visible many systemic inequities and prejudiced practices that had otherwise been ignored. As I turned class time over to group discussions, problem-solving meetings, and venting sessions, and found my usually quiet office hours suddenly populated by scared, hurt, and angry students, I received a crash-course in the difference between passive allyship and active co-conspiratorship. I worked behind the scenes with an ad hoc student group that petitioned the administration, leveraged social media, and staged multiple demonstrations to bring about rapid change in college policies and staffing. I joined the marches, the vigils, and the speak-outs, where I listened to their stories and learned that I always have more to learn."

All Hands In


Change Management

Led the COVID-19 pivot in March 2020, and beyond, for 11 sections of public speaking - moving them from in-person to asynchronous remote, then planning for hybrid, and ultimately getting them all switched to synchronous online instruction with digital resources, pedagogical support, and platformtraining.

Planning & Adaptability

Planned the 2021 annual NYSCA conference - one of the fist associations to return to in-person events after the COVID-19 shutdowns - with the implementation of vaccine/testing requirements, social distancing protocols, and enhanced hygiene practices.


Explored new strategies and developments through continuing education & maintained "resource libraries" for campus programs and projects. Connected courses and student clubs with Free Speech Week, Banned Books Week, National Media Literacy Week, Batman Day, and Project Censored.

Featured Leadership Roles & Activities


  • Assistant Dean, School of Arts & Sciences, SUNY Cortland: Fall '23 - present

    • Co-Chair the Diverse Faculty Fellows Peer Mentoring Subcommittee

    • Arts & Sciences representative to Phi Kappa Phi chapter

    • Meet with/advise students in academic distress

    • Review degree certifications

    • Interview students for scholarships

    • Develop initiatives as needed

    • Conduct interviews with faculty job candidates as required

    • Ad hoc meeting chair

  • Chair, Presentation Skills Committee, SUNY Cortland: Fall ‘18 – present

    • Lead review of Presentation Skills course proposals (about 3-4 per year)

    • Assist in GE assessment of Presentations Skills courses

    • Support Presentation Skills faculty

    • Edit handbook draft for Presentation Skills courses

  • Co-Chair, Anti-Racism Task Force-Educational Programming Subcommittee, SUNY Cortland: Spring ‘21 – Fall ‘21

    • Coordinated meetings

    • Took minutes

    • Managed subcommittee files and documents

    • Instigated and coordinated the May 2021 #StopAAPIHate student forum

  • Chair, Communication & Media Studies Curriculum Committee, SUNY Cortland:  Fall '21- Spring ‘22

    • Scheduled meetings

    • Led discussions to finalize program changes

    • Assisted department chair with inputting curriculum proposals into Curriculog system

    • Collected resources on social media curriculum, program recruitment, learning outcome development for use in assorted initiatives

  • Co-Chair/Chair, Communication & Media Studies Personnel Committee, SUNY Cortland: Spring '19, Fall '22-Spring '23

    • Scheduled meetings

    • Led personnel reviews in accordance with college policy

    • Implemented the use of Appreciative Inquiry for personnel review to improve efficiency of committee discussions

    • Compiled policy revisions

  • Chair, English & Communication Student Liaison Committee, SUNY Potsdam: Fall ‘16–Spring ‘17

    • Led the selection process for 20 annual student awards

    • Completed and filed paperwork to ensure award certificates and funds were released for the Arts & Sciences Honors Convocation

  • Chair, English & Communication Curriculum Committee, SUNY Potsdam: Fall ‘09–Spring ‘11

    • Scheduled meetings to review course proposals (used emails when meetings were unnecessary)

  • Faculty Advisor, Comic Book Club, SUNY Potsdam: Fall ‘13–Summer ‘17

    • Ensured students adhered to Student Government Association guidelines

    • Integrated learning opportunities into club activities

    • Supported student academic efforts

    • Led community service projects

  • Faculty Sponsor, Lambda Pi Eta (Delta Omicron) communication honor society, SUNY Potsdam: Spring ‘11–Summer ‘17

    • Managed eligibility lists

    • Sent membership invitations

    • Collected dues

    • Handled budgeting

    • Planned, implemented and hosted the annual induction ceremony - including invitations, catering, script, speakers, and decorations

    • Scheduled meetings 

    • Coordinated officer elections

    • Organized activities, including game nights and peer tutoring services

Professional Associations​

  • President, New York State Communication Association: 2021-2022

    • Scheduled and led four annual meetings and one special session in accordance with Parliamentary Procedure​

    • Implemented a new Code of Conduct and associated standing committee

  • Vice President, New York State Communication Association: 2020-2021

    • Planned the 2021 annual conference

      • Developed the theme; wrote & distributed the call

      • Solicited & coordinated paper reviewers

      • Made programming decisions and scheduled sessions

      • Secured keynote speakers

      • Designed and assembled the program copy

      • Communicated regularly with participants and member

      • Planned both hybrid and virtual variations

      • Implemented COVID-19 safety measures

      • Coordinated with the venue

      • Regularly updated the website

      • Assembled conference totes/materials

      • Instituted the use of pronoun stickers and social distancing stickers for badges

      • Introduced a land acknowledgement to the program

  • Vice President-Elect, New York State Communication Association: 2019-2020

    • Reviewed student submissions​

    • Organized top student paper awards

  • Chair, Rhetoric & Public Address Interest Group, Eastern Communication Association: 2022-2023

    • Posted call​, solicited reviewers, created panels

    • Communicated with conference organizer and interest group membership

    • Led annual meeting

    • Served the Nominating Committee

  • Co-Organizer, National Communication Assoc Pre-Convention Seminar on Public Sphere Theory: 2009 & 2010

    • Selected a theme and readings

    • Posted a call​ for participants

    • Reviewed submissions

    • Communicated with participants about acceptance and logistics

    • Crafted schedule

    • Communicated with participants

  • ​Chair, Political Communication Interest Group, Eastern Communication Association: 2008-2009

    • Posted call​, solicited reviewers, created panels

    • Coordinated the Centennial Scholar selection in Political Communication

    • Led annual meeting according to Parliamentary Procedure

    • Served the Nominating Committee

  • ​Vice-Chair, Political Communication Interest Group, Eastern Communication Association: 2007-2008

    • Planned and hosted the annual "Wine & Spots" session, with decorations and give-aways

selected institutional service

  • Presentation Skills Coordinator, Communication & Media Studies, SUNY Cortland: 2017-present

  • Presentation Skills Committee Chair, SUNY Cortland: 2018-present

  • SOGIE [Sexual Orientation, Gender Identity & Expression], SUNY Cortland: 2021-2023

  • Educational Policy Committee, SUNY Cortland: 2021-2024

  • Online Teaching Group, SUNY Cortland: 2020-present

  • Antiracism Task Force, SUNY Cortland: 2020-present

  • Cortland Votes, SUNY Cortland: 2020

  • Oral Skills Coordinator, General Education Committee, SUNY Potsdam: 2006-2017

  • Arts & Sciences Council, SUNY Potsdam: 2008-2011, 2015-2017

  • Diversity Programming & Student Training - Diversity & Inclusion Action Coalition subcommittee, SUNY Potsdam: 2016-2017

  • National Endowment for the Humanities Faculty Advisory Board, SUNY Potsdam: 2010-2013

  • Faculty Senate, SUNY Potsdam: 2007-2009, 2012-2014

  • Comic Book Club faculty sponsor, SUNY Potsdam: 2013-2017

  • Lambda Pi Eta, Delta Omicron chapter advisor, SUNY Potsdam: 2011-2017

selected professional service

New York State Communication Association

  • Nominating Committee Chair: October 2023-October 2024

  • Immediate Past President: October 2022-October 2023

  • President: October 2021-October 2022

  • Vice President & 79th annual convention planner: October 2020-October 2021

  • Vice President-Elect: October 2019-October 2020

  • submission reviewer: 2019, 2020, 2021

Eastern Communication Association

  • Rhetoric & Public Address Interest Group Chair/program planner: Spring 2022-Spring 2023

  • Rhetoric & Public Address Interest Group Secretary: Spring 2022-Spring 2023

  • Political Communication Interest Group Chair/program planner: Spring 2008-Spring 2009, Spring 2023-Spring 2024

  • Political Communication Interest Group Vice Chair/'08 Wine & Spots host: Spring 2007-Spring 2008

  • submission reviewer (various sections): 2007, 2008, 2009, 2010, 2011, 2017, 2018, 2020, 2021, 2022, 2023

National Communication Association

  • Convention Committee: 2022-2024

  • Political Communication Division, Michael Pfau Outstanding Article Award Committee: 2022

  • Public Sphere Theory Annual Preconference Seminar Co-Facilitator/Planner: 2009, 2010

  • submission reviewer (various sections): 2006, 2008, 2009, 2010, 2011, 2015, 2016, 2017, 2018, 2019, 2021, 2022, 2023

American Sociological Association

  • Peace, War & Social Conflict Section Membership Committee (volunteer): Summer 2012-Summer 2013

  • Peace, War & Social Conflict Section Student Paper Award Committee: Summer 2011-Summer 2012

selected community service

editorial service

  • Co-Editor, Routledge Advances in Comics Studies, 2022-present

  • Editorial Board Member, Home Front Studies, 2021-2024

  • Editorial Board Member, Lambda Pi Eta Journal, Vol. I. 2012-2014

  • Peer Reviewer, Comics Grid Journal, 2020 - present

  • Peer Reviewer, Popular Culture Studies Journal, 2019 - present

  • Guest Reviewer, Media, War & Conflict, 2023, 2019

  • Guest Reviewer, Cogent Social Science, 2023(x2)

  • Guest Reviewer, Cogent Arts & Humanities, 2023

  • Guest Reviewer, Journal of Graphic Novels & Comics, 2022

  • Guest Reviewer, Journal of Perpetrator Research, 2021

  • Guest Reviewer, Journal of Advanced Military Studies, 2021

  • Guest Reviewer, Journal of Marine Corps History, 2020

  • Guest Reviewer, War and History, 2016/2017
  • Guest Reviewer, Communication Quarterly, volume 62. 2013/2014

  • reviewer:

    • monograph, University of Texas Press: 2021/2022, 2023

    • monographs, Lexington: 2020, 2023

    • Media Literacy in Action (Rowman & Littlefield): 2022

    • The Mediated World: A New Approach to Mass Communication & Culture (Rowman & Littlefield): 2021

    • The Public Speaking Playbook, 2nd edition (SAGE Publications): 2016

    • Advanced Public Speaking: A Leader’s Guide to Communication (Pearson A&B, Longman): 2008

    • Presenting Ideas: Public Speaking (Prentice Hall Pearson Education): 2005

selected college event participation

🐲 SUNY Cortland

President's List Reception & Ceremony

  • attendee: Mar. 2024

Open House Fair

  • department representative: Nov. 2023, Nov. 2022, Oct. 2022, Apr. 2022, Oct. 2021, Nov. 2019, Oct. 2019

Undergraduate Commencement

  • marshal/crowd control: May 2023, May 2022

  • volunteer: May 2021, May 2020

  • processional: May 2019, May 2018

Honors Convocation

  • platform party/reader: Apr. 2024

  • presenter: Apr. 2023, Apr. 2022

  • processional: Apr. 2018

Opening Convocation

  • marshal/crowd control: Aug. 2023, Aug. 2022, Aug. 2019, Aug. 2018

  • processional: Aug. 2017

National Transfer Student Week

  • Door decorating contest: Oct. 2023, Oct. 2022

  • Social Media feature: Oct. 2021

  • Kudos Board: Oct. 2020

Opening address                                                                                      

  • attendee: Aug. 2023, Jan. 2023, Aug. 2022, Jan. 2022, Aug. 2021, Jan. 2021, Aug. 2020, Jan. 2020, Aug. 2019, Jan. 2019, Aug. 2018, Aug. 2017


🐻 SUNY Potsdam

Open House

  • program representative: Apr. 2012, Mar. 2009, Oct. 2007


  • processional: May 2016, May 2015, May 2014, May 2013, May 2012, May 2011, May 2009, May 2007

Arts & Sciences Awards Convocation                                                      

  • attendee: May 2016, May 2015, May 2014, May 2013, May 2011, May 2009, May 2008, May 2007

  • presenter: May 2017, May 2012

Department of English & Communication Awards Ceremony

  • attendee: May 2017, Apr. 2016

Lambda Pi Eta Induction

  • host/organizer: Apr. 2017, Apr. 2016, Apr. 2015, Apr. 2014, May 2013, Apr. 2012, May 2011

Community Check In

  • attendee: Nov. 2016, Aug. 2016

Exam Week Midnight Breakfast

  • volunteer: Dec. 2011, Dec. 2010, Dec. 2009, Dec. 2008, Dec. 2007, Dec. 2006

Opening Convocation                                                                                      

  • attendee: Aug. 2010, Aug. 2009, Aug. 2008, Aug. 2007, Aug. 2006

First Year Funnel                                                              

  • participant: Aug. 2010, Aug. 2007

Selected Development Activities for Leadership & Service

  • Navigating Shifting Currents with Expertise and Experience. ECA Administrators’ and Academic Leaders’ Lunch & Learn. 22 Mar. 2024: Cambridge, MA.

  • Administrators’ Workshop: Academic Leadership in a Digital World. NYSCA Workshop. 15 Oct. 2023: Callicoon, NY.

  • Tenure, Reappointment and Promotion Workshop: For Department Chairs, Chairs of Department Personnel Committees and Others Interested in the Process. Academic Faculty Affairs Committee, SUNY Cortland. 23 Sep. 2022.

  • GE Assessment Discussion. SUNY Cortland. 22 Apr. 2021: WebEx.

  • Crowd Manager Training. SUNY Cortland, via the North Carolina Department of Insurance OSFM. 6 Apr. 2022: online.

  • SUNY Cortland Women’s Leadership Workshop, with Dr. Chris Allen. Sponsored by the Gender Policies and Initiatives Council. SUNY Cortland. 12 Jan. 2022: WebEx.

  • Innovative Strategies for Recruiting and Retaining Undergraduate Communication Students. eca Short Course. 25 Mar. 2021: online.

  • How Community Engagement Leads to Tangible Outcomes. Bang the Table. 26 Feb. 2021: webinar. 

  • Communication at the Disciplinary Crossroads: Navigating Uncharted Territory. NCA Preconference. 18 Nov. 2020: Zoom.

  • Coping with Stress in Uncertain Times (for Educators). Pearson Higher Ed. 5 Oct. 2020: Webinar.

  • Building a Content Strategy for Social Media. HubSpot Academy. 14 Aug. 2020.

  • How to Manage a Remote Team. HubSpot Academy. 13 Aug. 2020.

  • National Communication Association Leadership Development Program. NCA LAP Sessions. 24 Nov. 2017: Dallas, TX.

  • Communication Across the Curriculum & General Education: COM’s Voice Across Campus. NCA Short Course. 17 Nov. 2011: New Orleans, LA.

  • Speaking Intensive Assessment Workshop. Sponsored by Office of Institutional Effectiveness. 18 Feb. 2011: SUNY Potsdam.

  • First-Year Speaking Assessment Workshop. Sponsored by the Office of Institutional Effectiveness. 11 Feb. 2011: SUNY Potsdam.

  • Student Learning Assessment Open Session, with Linda Suskie. Sponsored by the Learning and Teaching Excellence Center. 1 Oct. 2008: SUNY Potsdam.

  • Faculty Peer Mentoring. SUNY Center for Professional Development. 12 Sep. 2008: East Syracuse, NY.

  • More than Site: Developing and Maintaining the Essentials of a Communication Center as Centerpiece of Connection and Action. NCA Short Course. 16 Nov. 2006: San Antonio, TX.

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